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Meet Cheryl

I'm Cheryl, a local Jamaican entrepreneur artist that started very young selling crafts and developed her own unique custom style in leather accessories over the years. Devine Treasures would not be what it is today without my husband Donald Whytehead and our two wonderful boys, Dominic and Donte`. My contagious upbeat and outgoing personality has led me to develop friendships that span the globe and have grown into extended family relationships. I am very generous and my faith has been steadfast always – you will always count on me to say “God is Good”, no matter the circumstances. Through hard work, we have diligently established Devine Treasures as a successful business that has been proving for myself and my family. If my work and spirit inspire you, please support me by telling friends and family as well as purchasing my custom items. Every single detail is handmade with love by us. - Making unique leather handbags for women all around the world. 

Devine Treasures Expo
Meet Cheryl

Mission Statement

 Devine Treasures diligently works to provide the best handmade products to locals and visitors of Jamaica. We thrive to set the bar high by giving the utmost attention to detail and using fine leather for all our products. Our customers are always number one priority and we will ensure they receive the best products along with excellent customer service.

Vision Statement

At Devine Treasures, it is our joy to provide innovative, high-quality handmade products made locally in Jamaica. We desire to have the number one leather store in the country and around the world. Our goal is to give back to our community and honor our heritage and God in all we do.

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